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"I want to get in an argument with your mouth
that neither of us can win,
tongues twisted up like roots.

I want to kiss you and feel like I am growing."
- excerpt from “Between Your Anxieties And My Pen” by Trista Mateer (via tristamateer)
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im really tired of europeans on here reblogging posts about racism in america and adding shocked disapproving comments like “get it together america lol” as if there isn’t an enormous amount of racism in europe and as if it wasn’t the europeans that first colonized the new world that planted the seed of racism in north america

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Boys and curly hair probably ruined my life.

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We ate food that wasn’t healthy. We drank too much. And slept too much. But could never kiss enough. Everything was just as I wished.
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Getty images photographer Scott Olson shot this image prior to his arrest in Ferguson


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"From 18 to 22 you meet a lot of temporary people."
- (via jordancorin)
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this is important please spread

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